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Balayage is a handcrafted hairstyle art form.

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Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint.

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Balayage is a technique used by highly skilled hairstylists at SalonX Hair Lounge to highlight hair. 

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The balayage hair technique has been around for almost 40 years. Dating back to the 70s, the balayage technique was sought after to give the client a natural sun kissed hair color. The balayage technique is skillfully applied by hand. The hairstylist is basically the artist and your hair is the canvas.

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Hair color is painted on the hair by a hairstylist that has undergone intense training and has fine-tuned their craft. Call or text SalonX Hair Lounge today - 702-762-5999 - for a free balayage hair consultation

The most important step of the balayage is the free hair consultation at SalonX Hair Lounge.

Some questions your hairstylist may ask you are -

1. Do you have a picture of what hairstyle you would like to create?

2. When is the last time you dyed your hair? 

3. Do you currently have color in your hair?

4. Do you have the time for the stylist to transform you?

5. Are you open to using high-quality products in your hair? 

Call or text SalonX Hair Lounge today - 702-762-5999 - for a free balayage hair consultation!

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